Services we offer

We prepare a detailed analysis via a consultation with you and at the end of meeting we will advise you accordingly on the best route possible for you applying the current immigration rules.

We will request you to provide certain documents to start work on your case. The quality of the initial application can make the difference between success or failure of that application. After we have completed the application, we will then proceed to strengthen your case with supporting legal representation.

In the legal representation we will set out the particulars of your case and circumstances, details of the law under which you are asking for your application to be considered, and show how you meet the requirements of the law, or , if you do not meet the requirements present your case in the best possible light and explain in legal terms why your application should be successful.

We take time in so doing in order to make your case as professional as possible and in our experience spending extra time in preparing the case saves money and frustration to you. We take great pride in the individuality of our work. 

Inform you of the legal requirements which you will have to meet for your application to be successful. We will explain to you how the legal requirements will be interpreted by the UK authorities, based on the internal instructions given to their caseworkers.

After we have completed the case, we will submit the case in the UK or abroad. We will then closely monitor the progress of your application with the deliberating body in order to expedite the decision in your favour. Our daily routine work involves dealing with the UKVI Border Agency and UK Embassies in making visa applications. If your application is refused then appeal must be lodged in the UK within a very short time limit, and the an appeal form must give detailed reasons for the appeal to be valid. All the appeals are heard by an immigration judge in the UK.

We can assist organisations in obtaining Certificates of Sponsorship (previously known as work permits), Sole representative visas and business visit visas and can guide you through complex contentious immigration matters such as bail applications and fighting detention and deportation removal orders.

What we do is a 5 stage process:

The completion of your UK Visa application with legal representation
Submission of your UK Visa application